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Scale Your Eco-Biz !

I am Shelby, a nature-loving, client attraction goddess. 


I spend my time living it up in the mountains, completely off the grid, permaculture vibes.

No, it wasn't always like this...

I was stuck in the big city life, floating around aimlessly, studying full time, working multiple jobs and generating less income than was worth my drive. I went from being a surf coach to tutoring, bartending work, being a virtual assistant and finally became boss at writing copy. 

I was writing copy for Princella Stringer, a certified Life coach and an Empowerment Coach, and throughout the whole process, we realised the magic of working together.


I realised, instead of helping people and doing things FOR them, I needed to EMPOWER them to do it themselves. 

Then came PS Limitless Woman. 

Now, I coach earthy entrepreneurs to find their voice and discover their vision for their dream business. I help create systems and processes that allow you to attract your dream clients without batting an eye.


More on my Partnership with Princella, check out 

The Story...


A quick intro to who I am..

Scale Your



The “Scale Your Eco-Biz” Marketing Programme is specifically designed to save you time by simplifying and improving  ALL  your systems.

Are You a

Coach ?

Transform your coaching business and sign  consistent  clients  and attract money to your coaching business through self-discovery and learning how to work with that inner power.

Are you on a quest for what works and what doesn’t?

Here we will show you how to implement sustainable strategies to sign soul clients by developing the tools you need to run a profitable coaching business. 

Our first aim is to sit down together and really dive into understanding and auditing the systems you already have going in your business. (Don't let the audit word scare you, it merely means that I am getting to know your business, through you :) )

We’ll talk about what works well for you, what doesn’t, what we are going to scrap completely, and what we are going to refine and improve.

We will create a plan to build out and scale your business systems and marketing funnels.


We will also look at improving your offer, pricing, and more...!

If you’re SO over trying strategy after strategy and feeling like you will never find your path to make money, we’re here for you aaall the way, girl!

We’ve created a brand spanking new program just for you!

And yes, we support you to aim super high, because we don't believe in limiting thoughts.

We give you the Freedom to Dream

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